The shrink who said I’d never write

Yeah, that’s the guy.

He was joking, of course.

And I took it that way. Just to be clear about that part. In fact we got a good laugh about it.

But the joking came after a lecture to a packed room full of writers about childhood trauma’s effect on our adult creative abilities. His premise, based on research, was that writing and other artistic pursuits help to maintain sanity for adults who experienced trauma as children. Continue reading “The shrink who said I’d never write”

Who are these guys?

Don’t we have bigger problems?

What kind of person gets elected to do their people’s business in the legislature, then spends their first days in office trumpeting about keeping their wives and daughters safe from perverts in a bathroom because after all, penises and vaginas and whatnot? Seriously this is happening.

Check it out right here.

Truly, how are these people so fixated on where people pee? Why is this so important to them and what ogres are they chasing? We have schools in this state that are under court mandate to clean up their act. We have roads, bridges, ferries that need attention.
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