Who are these guys?

Don’t we have bigger problems?

What kind of person gets elected to do their people’s business in the legislature, then spends their first days in office trumpeting about keeping their wives and daughters safe from perverts in a bathroom because after all, penises and vaginas and whatnot? Seriously this is happening.

Check it out right here.

Truly, how are these people so fixated on where people pee? Why is this so important to them and what ogres are they chasing? We have schools in this state that are under court mandate to clean up their act. We have roads, bridges, ferries that need attention.

But wait a second… An author writes a book about a pedophile baseball coach and the havoc he wreaks across lives and miles and families and suicides and – oops, that last one was supposed to be a mystery – and now the same guy is saying sure, go ahead and let a transgender woman in the locker toom if she still has a penis? What? Doesn’t that mean some guy’s gonna go molest my daughter next time she’s in the ladies’ room at Applebee’s?

That logic follows the viral cartoon where the hairy dude in a tank top totes a camera into the restroom and says “don’t worry ladies, I’m transgender.” It goes with Huckabee’s joke that he wishes he’d been able to tell the coach “hey, I’d rather shower with the girls today.” That logic is also misguided, insensitive to some of our most vulnerable citizens, and it’s wrong.

What does all that have to do with the novel? Author Stephen Blackmoore said “Nonfiction is very good at facts. Fiction is oftentimes better at truth.”

So that person peeing in the stall next to your wife just wants to wash her hands and get out of there, and your honey will never see that woman’s penis, but these wack jobs in the legislature would rather see her arrested than actually do something about our failing schools. That’s a fact. But Diamonds and Dirt brings the truth. Diamonds and Dirt puts the real evil front and center: The real evil is in the man who doesn’t have to disguise a thing; he gains the worship of the family and the devotion of the child, then abuses that gift right in front of them. And he twists and mangles lives with impunity.

Meanwhile, our friends just need to pee. A body function most of us take for granted, it’s a constant source of stress and potential embarrassment for a transgender person. Can I find a place where I won’t be hassled? Where I can have the privacy I need? Where it’ll be OK, for God’s sake, to just take a leak in peace?

Hence this letter to District 10’s reputedly reasonable Republican legislators.

“Dear Reps Hayes and Smith,

Fourteen of your colleagues have prefiled HB1011, allowing restrictions on bathroom usage. This extremist proposal breaches dangerous territory. Thankfully, neither of you was on the sponsors’ list. But if voting on this issue falls along partisan lines, would you be drawn into the fearful, baseless morass?

I urge you to look reasonably at the facts. I grant that the links I share here are trying to make points for one side of this argument, so go ahead and do your own research. Just, please, on behalf of the community you represent, do the right thing.

Think about this: our transgender friends just need to pee, like we all do. Isn’t it disturbing that fourteen legislators are so fixated on this private behavior?

The fear of creepers haunting restrooms and leering at our wives and daughters is without substance, founded on hyperbole and myth. Perverts will victimize others regardless of this law, which does nothing to protect the vulnerable. On the contrary, transgender people have been victimized by doing exactly what this law suggests: use a restroom that does not match their appearance or their behavior.

Perhaps most important, this law would serve only to further marginalize our friends and neighbors who already suffer from depression, mental health issues, and even suicide at rates far surpassing the general population. Legislation that targets them again, needlessly and without justification, will simply make our community weaker.

Many thanks for reading, and for your service to our state.

William Walker
Oak Harbor”

The email went out four days ago. Logical, respectful, grateful, it didn’t call anyone a homophobe, a right wing fanatic or a religious bigot. A cc went out to all fourteen Republican sponsors of the bill three days ago. Responses? Crickets. Which just makes the whole damn thing that much more concerning.

Please find the truth. It’s right there in front of you, just maybe not where you think it is. And encourage your legislators to fix our damn schools.

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