Eric From Spokane is a genius

Chris Taylor, doing what nobody else has done. photo.

It was still September when #ericfromspokane saw this one coming. He picked the ex-Mariner of the Year, no doubt, over Montgomery, Martin, Fister, Walker, Olson, Rodney, sixteen Mariners in the postseason.

On October 24, ex-Mariner Chris Taylor took Dallas Keuchel deep on the first pitch any Dodger saw in this World Series, first inning Game One, pow, Dodgers lead, nine innings later Dodgers win. Nobody has ever hit a homer on the first pitch of a World Series. Until now.

Next night, not much, just a leadoff walk ahead of Corey, yeah that Seager, whose 2-run homer sends Taylor around with the go-ahead run.

Then, like they needed to prove Eric right… Fox TV decides to show Taylor’s stance, grip, swing, batting approach, all weak and confused and what not during his 2-plus seasons as the Mariners’ Next Big Deal — 256 plate appearances, .240, 0 homers — and they stick it side by side with the home run swing from Game One, capping a year and a half in LA — 630, .280, 22 — and waxing incredulous about how much he’s learned and matured.

They left out the part about who was coaching him at Seattle, the beloved and untouchable Edgar Martinez who spends 162 games a year standing at the dugout rail alone, thinking “This is way more than just a leetle project. What the f**k am I doing here?”

But none must speak ill of Eehhd-gaaaaarr.

Taylor’s only remaining rival for the crown? Brandon Morrow. He’s allowed one run in nine postseason appearances. But he hasn’t hit a leadoff homer. Yet. There’s still a lot of ball to be played.

No pressure, Brandon.

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