My Oh My, Read This Book

My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story
by Billy Mac, edited by J. Michael Kenyon

It was Burlington. Just off Hopper Road.

That’s where I got the news.

A dark November day, sloggy rain, cloggy traffic, and I needed one more coffee for the last hour on the road. I started the truck, took a sip, turned on the radio.

Where were you when you heard?

In that crush of grief, reflexes took over. I called my daughter at college.

“Hi Dad!”

“Uhhh…” I didn’t expect to go mute. I was a big strong man. “Dav-”

“Dad? What’s wrong?”

“Dave… Niehaus died.”

The rest of that conversation is buried in history. Seven years later she bought Billy Mac’s My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story and wrapped it up for my sixtieth birthday.

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The Magic of Looking the Other Way

Our man our hero Chuck Wendig has proposed writing on “The Danger of Undeserved Power.” Which of course is what this site and “Diamonds and Dirt” are all about.

While we’re busy thrashing about and challenging the obvious, an insidious poison still creeps through our land. While we puff our chests and claim vigilance, the evil of undeserved power struts by unchallenged.


Safe in the pool? Maybe not.

The Parents.

To her, they weren’t My Parents. They were The Parents. Aloof, dismissive, self-absorbed, the dividing line was a fine one but oh so clear. They didn’t give two shits about her. She knew it. She’d given up wishing long ago. She tried her damnedest not to care either. Continue reading “The Magic of Looking the Other Way”