My Oh My, it just continues!

Apologies to Dave Niehaus, but it was all I could think of. It continues. My oh my, it just continues.


Photo: Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports
Hey P, why the mask? Don’t want mama to see you on TV?
I don’t blame you.

People wonder why it’s so important to write about pedophilia.

Why? Because Penn State University just orgasmed all over themselves celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Joe Paterno’s first game.

The same Joe Paterno who was allegedly informed in 1976 of sexual abuse against a child by one of his assistants, then let decades of the same thing go by. Football was more important.

The same Joe Paterno who admitted, just before he died, that he knew about it and should have done something about it.

Why? Because ten bare-chested young men took to the front row of Saturday’s game against Temple, shoulder to shoulder, spelling out JOEPATERNO in Nittany Blue body paint.

Nobody’s spelling out the names of those decades of victims. Continue reading “My Oh My, it just continues!”

Why the HELL would you write… y’know… that?


“I would never read that. That’s way too disturbing. But hey man, speaking of sexual abuse, have you seen Spotlight? Awesome movie.”

That was a good one. It came right after “Oh, you’re writing a novel! How exciting! What’s it about? …oh.”

I know. I get that a lot. I suppose I even understand. Eeeew. Pedophilia. Abuse of authority. Suicide. Paralyzing depression. Anger. Confusion. Prison. Drug abuse.  Continue reading “Why the HELL would you write… y’know… that?”